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Like everyone else, I have an opinion on just about everything.  I wasn’t always so ready to share my opinions but it’s one of the few perks of achieving a certain age to be able to speak my mind and not be overly concerned about people agreeing with me.  My opinions are not always appreciated.  In fact, I think I could say that most often, they are not appreciated.  And that brings me to the reason for starting this blog.  Here I can launch my opinions into the ether knowing that they (and I) will be safe and hardly anyone but me will ever see them!  My family and friends will definitely approve of this as they’ve had to put up with my opinions and often my outrage for what I perceive as wrong, or unjust, or just plain stupid.

So, Dear Reader (that’s me in my other hat) here we go!

Before I get up on my well-worn soapbox I want to tell you a bit about myself.  For the past several years I’ve been an on-line student.  This Fall I will finally get the degree I started working on when I was 18 and didn’t get back to until four years ago when I made the commitment to graduate.  My plan is to go on to pursue my master’s degree in January.  I live with my two little dogs in glorious northern California.  We lead a quiet life because school takes up so much of my time.  When I take a break from my academic routine I like to work on a sweater I am knitting or work on some other project that stirs my creativity.  I also enjoy reading…I can get lost in a book and forget to come up for air until I’ve finished it.  I’ve recently developed an interest in photography and have a new digital camera that is sitting here on the end of my desk beckoning me to go out and learn how to use it.  My justification for buying the camera is that I will be out more, get more exercise, and generally be more healthy.  I’ll lose weight and literally roll back the years (ha!)  The dogs will be happy to get out more, too.  If I take any really good pictures that help illustrate a particular opinion, I’ll share them here.

So, that’s me, but what about you?  Please tell me about yourself in a comment.  Next time we can have a nice chat over a cup of tea—-and of course I’ll give you my opinion!