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I just read that prison officials in Norway are seeking “friends” for mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.  He is in prison because he went on a murderous rampage, and when he was done, 77 people were dead.  Prison officials can’t put him in with the general prison population because of the likelihood that he’d be dead within the first hour.  He isn’t popular.  Imagine that.

Since Breivik must be held separate from everyone else in the prison he is in isolation not because he really deserves to be there, but to protect him from the other prisoners (and not just a few guards!)  Apparently Norway considers isolation of this sort to be cruel and inhumane.  And what was it Breivik is in prison for???  Anyway, prison officials have actually advertised for people to come in and visit Breivik, maybe play a game of chess or talk about the latest sports scores.  Personally, I would like to ask him why he did what he did…and the conversation would go downhill from there.

To add insult to injury, he will be tested to see if he is mentally ill…if he is, he will receive even better treatment.  Ahhghhhh!!

In my opinion:   Breivik could rot in isolation for the rest of his natural life!