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Today in Sacramento they are having the 4th annual United Way TP drive….that’s TP as in Toilet Paper.  This drive has attracted so many people that they are turning away volunteers and people who want to help with traffic control and the other many details of something held in a place as big as the California State Fairgrounds.  The theory behind the drive is that non-profit organizations could benefit from donated TP that would then free up money usually spent on such a necessity.  It might not add up very fast, but add up it does.  Non-profit organizations that receive support from the United Way use every penny that comes in or becomes available just to continue to provide assistance to people who are in need.  You might think that toilet paper is pretty lame, but there are thousands of people who are flocking to the fairgrounds today and I’ll bet none of them is saying “I gave at the office.”  The concept of a drive to collect toilet paper has caught the imagination of a lot of people who might not otherwise contribute to “charity” or choose to allocate part of their paycheck to the United Way during the annual national drive at businesses and government agencies.

In my opinion, an annual  toilet paper drive is the concept of a genius!