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I love music.  I’ve loved music as long as I can remember.  We always had music no matter where we lived. We moved a lot because my dad was in oil research and we moved across the mid-west following the promise of oil.  But we always had music.  It was a constant in my life.

My parents didn’t believe in television so I was in my teens before Dad broke down and bought a TV so he could watch the Super Bowl.  After that we had music and TV…but there was always music.  Over the years I’ve grown to like many genres of music. In fact I think I like all kinds of music because each genre has its own appeal.  In music, rhythm is a constant.  Rhythm’s part our being.  Music’s part of life.

What’s so absolutely wonderful is that it’s part of everyone’s life–even if they don’t really like music.  It’s part of our physiological and psychological make up. This video (which precedes this post because I still haven’t figured out how to do it within my post) is a perfect example of how all people understand music.

If you don’t recognize the name Bobby McFerrin, maybe you’re familiar with the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy“.  That’s Bobby McFerrin.  This clip is one of his appearances  at a TED workshop.  What’s so amazing about it is how quickly he engages the audience–and how the audience immediately catches on and enthusiastically follows him as he creates music with them.

IMHO the message is that music crosses all boundaries, all barriers, all bias, all prejudice, all hate, all love, all emotion, all thought, all understanding, all mankind.  It gets us and we get it.