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China is now the largest contributor to noxious omissions from vehicles.  The US has tried repeatedly to get China to address environmental issues, but until recently—as China became a go-to resource for just about everything anyone purchases and is now a world-recognized merchant country—none of the Chinese officials seemed overly concerned.  They were unconcerned about what their giant country was doing to the environment shared by the rest of the planet.  Apparently there has been a change in policy and it’s high time!  If this video is any indication there will be a lot of changes involving innovative ways to raise awareness of the growing need to protect our planet’s endangered environment.  I certainly hope so.  I’m encouraged by a project that involves nearly 4 million people.  And the people were enthusiastic about their participation!  A win-win method of raising environmental awareness and one we could well benefit from here in the US if any of our green-related organizations picks up on it….hint, hint.