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I subscribe to Quora, an interactive information site where some serious questions are asked and answered by serious people.  Quora posts thought-provoking queries, reports, and videos and invites questions and comments.  It’s not all serious but much of it is…and there are many entries that reveal and/or question how we are living as a species and as a society.  Today I watched a video of Joshua Bell, violin virtuoso, playing in a busy subway station at rush hour.  He played some of the world’s most beautiful music for 45 minutes and the only people who were really interested in what he was doing were children…whose parents pulled them away in their hurry to reach their trains.  It was a sad commentary about how we often are often in such a hurry that we miss out on the beautiful things that happen around us.  I hope you pause to enjoy the music . . .

The next item I read was about what police officers observe about people.  It was unsettling to realize that they see only the worst side of a population that has a kinder, gentler side.


It was the last item that really hit me in my heart.  It was about what mankind is doing by tossing waste in places it doesn’t belong and what it does to some of nature’s innocent creatures.  I’m posting the video here because in my humble opinion we need to be more aware of what we are doing to the environment and how little many of us care about it….certainly not enough to change a lifetime of habit.  It’s a little graphic but well worth watching.

After viewing this short film leave me a comment with your opinion!