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I promised that in this blog, I would address issues that are important to me.  It is the only one of the four blogs I post that I’ve managed to keep up with in these last few weeks of school.  It has become the one I enjoy writing the most.  What I bring to you will not always be pretty, or even pleasant.  But I will speak from my heart.

The video below is not for the faint of heart or those who cringe at the sight of blood.  I seriously caution you that this video is graphic.  It shows the slow and methodical murder of a magnificent animal that was bred especially to meet this horrible end.

I abhor cruelty to animals.  I loathe blood sports.  Bull fighting comes from a long tradition and is popular in Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, China, Venezuela, and, yes, the USA.  I understand the tradition is a respected one in all of these countries, with the possible exception of the United States.  Still, it doesn’t make it ethical.  And it doesn’t make it okay to torture a dumb animal that is simply reacting to pain and fear in the only way he knows.

Blood sports, such as dog fights, cock fights, and bull fighting take advantage of animals who feel pain but are not able to understand it.  They do what they do because it is their natural instinct.  Such sports pit them against each other or, in the case of bull fighting, against a man who has spent years perfecting his performance. The bull is chased into the ring where he can’t escape and just runs around and around looking for a way out and tiring himself… and then, when he has practically exhausted himself, he is tormented until he is weak from blood loss.  Only then does the bull fighter enter the ring and begin his carefully choreographed dance. He toys with the bull and when the bull can hardly stand, he eventually dispatches the poor animal, who by that time is already dead on his feet.  As you will see if you watch the video, the bull fighter doesn’t always succeed on the first pass and the animal continues to suffer until he is put out of his misery.

The bull is not the only animal that suffers in the bull ring.  The poor blindfolded horses of the picadors can’t see what they can smell—and what they smell is the fear and blood in that ring. They are inadequately padded and, as in this video, often become targets for the frustrated bull.  While bulls are not often domesticated, horses are friends to mankind.  They are loyal and trusting.  I believe there is nothing that can justify what they experience in the bull ring.

And, finally, I ask you to note the expressions on the faces of the children in the video…and even some of the adults.  This is not something fun to watch.

In my humble opinion, there is no justification for such blood-thirsty activities.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

For those of you who want to know more, here’s a link