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I subscribe to Mashable.com.  I think they are a reliable–though sometimes biased–source of information.  They often bring things to my attention that I would otherwise be unaware of.  Unfortunately, when I don’t get to all my emails in a timely manner, my attention is a bit behind the curve.  I’ve been pretty busy with my final paper for school, so I missed John Franklin Stephens’ response to Catherine Coulter’s use of the “R word” as a slur against President Obama.


My own political opinion is not a part of this blog. However, injustice is one of the many issues I feel strongly about.  I am saddened that someone who has some influence on public opinion would be so inconsiderate and misinformed about her choice of social slams.  Ms. Coulter apparently has no personal experience with those she so cavalierly denigrates.

Mr. Stephens stands tall in his role as an advocate for Downs Syndrome and for the Special Olympics.  I feel a sense of pride in his well-thought response to a thoughtless comment.  His innate dignity elevates him far above Ms. Coulter.  She should accept his invitation to join him at the next Special Olympics.

In my humble opinion, she needs to learn firsthand why the title “Special” is so appropriate. . . and that the R word is not.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.