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I’ve heard “Gangnam Style” from my grandchildren, from their parents, at a dinner I recently attended (where it was performed by the guests), from friends on Facebook. . .  I was surrounded by Gangnam Style!

I had no idea what Gangnam Style was, but I obviously needed to find out.  I hate being the last one to know.  I went straight to YouTube (my favorite resource for anything musical). I was temporarily transported to my youth.  I loved watching Psy performing that crazy song; I loved the song!  The beat was irresistible, the choreography delightful and challenging.  I couldn’t sit still.  It’s contagious! I can see why it’s so popular.

In the course of my research, I came across this video of Gangnam Style being performed by the inmates of the Philippine prison in Cebu.  I can’t even imagine such a thing taking place in an American prison.  It speaks volumes about the Philippine prison system.  It also speaks volumes about the American prison system.


and this…because it’s so wonderful.

I think the American prison system has lost sight of the original concept that time in prison should be spent in activities that encourage prisoners to change their ways.  The word is rehabilitate.  Our prisons have evolved into warehouses where the socially misfit are stored.  I realize that the majority of prisoners may be beyond rehabilitation.  Still, for the small cadre of prisoners who could be rehabilitated, we (Americans) should make every effort to give them a chance to turn their lives around.

IMHO, our prison system could learn a lot from Gangnam Style at Cebu.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.