Rules of “combat’ on Black Friday—and really, all the rest of the year, too.

Good Girls Inc

Get ready for Black Friday, girls! It is a little more than one week away and not only is it the BIGGEST shopping day of the year, but it kicks off the thing that stresses us out most – the dreaded Christmas shopping season. Prepare yourself people. Expect to go to stores only to find that the entire population of your city has beat you there, end up parking half a mile from the store, and fight your way through aisles of screaming children and rude shoppers, all in a mad frenzy trying to find something to wrap up and put under a tree.

During this hellacious process, please try to remind yourself the reason for the season and try not to lose your mind. Here are a few key points to consider before venturing out to the stores this year.

  • Know what you are looking for when you arrive.

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