I found this on my Facebook pages this evening.  It was taken from an article in the Huffington Post.  As with so much these days, it’s probably been out there for ages and I’m just now seeing it.  Regardless of when or how, and aside from politics, it carries a message that has long been waiting for people to hear.  Some of the language is rough, though spoken with heart.  Some of the “facts” really are facts.  Some of it may cause anger.  Some of it, shame.  The message is the same….we could be a great nation again.  But we are not the greatest nation now.  Please keep an open mind as you watch and listen.  Our nation needs the young to face reality now, so they can leave a better nation to future generations—as we have not done in our own generation or for our children.  The clip is from the opening of a new HBO series, The Newsroom.  I will watch the series and ask for more of what I’ve seen.  Could I have some more, please?