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Recently Suzy is Opinionated received an email from a reader who respectfully stated that some of my posts make him uncomfortable and he doesn’t wish to be categorized among them. (referencing all my blogs, not just this one)  I didn’t know whether to be flattered or upset. In the end, I decided that I could be both and not consider them oxymoronic .

The final sentence on Suzy is Opinionated posts asks my readers to comment and share their opinions.  I want to encourage “…people to think about what they think.” Thus, his comments made me very happy, because telling me what he “thinks” about my opinions affirms the main purpose of this blog.

IMHO the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees us the right to Freedom of Speech.  When someone takes time to write to tell me about his opinion, I celebrate his right to do so whether he agrees with me or not.

What do you think?  Please let me know in the comments.